About Us

Little but Stout!

From small to big they are built BBE tuff.

Long as a Well Rope

BBE trailers are all built just the way you want for the job that you have.


When you want everything including the kitchen sink, BBE can build a trailer for you.

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Detail your services

We can equip your BBE trailer with the equipment for the job specifications that you require.

Haul Your Equipment

BBE can manufacture trailers for a front end loader backhoe, skid steer, or other specialty equipment.

All the Bells & Whistles

BBE can equip your trailer with options such as torque tube, pierced frame, spring loaded ramps, & etc.

Are You HOT!!!

Cool down with BBE's Cool Time Trailer designed with the rugged needs for the oil field.

Fire & Safety

When you need to kill two birds with one stone, BBE can build the trailer to provide for both fire & emergency.

Site Construction

Provide an office and carry tools too, BBE can manufacture a job site trailer for your company.