HosWel Premier Industrial Beds


Big Boxes

The HosWel Industrial Bed offers a large front cabinet box complemented with a spacious coffin box with a tapered lid.


Sweet Truck!!!

The HosWel Industrial Bed is available in all sizes for your single wheel pickups.  Whether its a short bed or an 8-foot bed or a one ton single wheel truck, HosWel Industrial Beds can meet your needs.


Color Matching is Eye Catching!!!

Go to work in style.  Choose a HosWel Industrial Bed for style, durability, and the ability to meet your job needs.

HosWel Premier Industrial Beds

96S HosWel Industrial Bed


3 Models of Single Wheel HosWel Industrial Beds:

76S for Short Bed Replacement

86S for 8-Foot Bed Replacement

96S for True Cab & Chassis Single Wheel (Dodge & Ford)

86DXW HosWel Industrial Bed


For your one ton dually truck replacement bed, purchase a HosWel 86DXW HosWel Industrial Bed.  Note:  This bed is 97 inches wide with a front tapered cabinet box to 87 inches wide behind the cab.

96D HosWel Industrial Bed


The 96D HosWel Industrial Bed is the most popular tool box bed.  This bed is made for a 60-inch cab to axle one ton cab & chassis truck.  Note:  We also manufacture a 116D HosWel Industrial Bed for the 84 inch cab to axle trucks.

96D HosWel Industrial Bed


The 96D HosWel Industrial Bed will also fit the 450/4500 & 550/5500 trucks that are 60-inch cab to axle as well as the one tons.

96D HosWel Ind. with Options



The HosWel Industrial Beds can be up fitted upon order with options such as B&W Gooseneck Ball, extended height cabinet boxes, cross bed gang box, under floor rear pack rat drawers, cabinet box drawers, shelves, box lighting, etc.

96D HosWel Ind. Electrical Bed


The HosWel Industrial Electrical Bed is designed for the rural electrical cooperatives as a emergency & service repair bed.  This bed is equipped with an A Frame Reel Rack, as well as hidden air hose reel, air compressor, storage for pull ropes, etc.