HosWel Premier Spike Beds


Spike Bed Size Doesn't Matter

HosWel Spike Bed size is available from a short bed to the 11 -foot cab & chassis one ton trucks.


Color Match

With the HosWel Spike Beds being a fully skirted bed, color matching is a frequently chosen option.


Close the Deal

For the farmer & rancher who needs to carry tools & hay at the same time, you can option up from the HosWel Spike Bed to a HosWel SS (Spike & Service) Bed to meet your needs.

HosWel Premier Spike Beds

76S HosWel Spike Bed


There is a HosWel Spike Bed for all truck sizes with style & durability.  The 76S is for the short bed pickups.

76S Spike Bed with Options


Simple upgrades like front cabinet boxes are an option on the HosWel Spike Beds.

86S HosWel Spike Bed


When you need to use your bed other than for hauling hay, the forge spikes can be stowed away behind the hatch.  86S is for the 8-foot pickup bed replacement.

86DXW HosWel Spike Bed


Old or new--You can put a HosWel 86DXW Spike Bed on your one ton dually pickup bed replacement.

96D HosWel Spike Bed


96D HosWel Spike Bed is a popular bed for your true cab & chassis dual wheel one ton trucks.

96D HosWel SS Bed


When you need a double duty bed for hauling hay & tools, the HosWel SS (Spike & Service) Bed is the way to go.