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Squirt Gun / Water Monitor

BBE can build the full replacement bumper equipped with water monitor & your choice of winch for your brush truck needs.


Just the Way You Want It!

Built Better Enterprises, LLC can build the brush truck bed just the way your fire department wants it.  BBE can do as much or as little as needed.


Big Boy!

From the brush truck to the tankers, BBE can design and manufacture to the requirements requested.  Example:  PTO Pump, Side Sprayers, Tool/Storage Boxes, Red Line Reel, etc.

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Turn Key -- Complete Package


BBE can build the brush truck bed to your fire department needs from start to finish.

We'll do the bed You do the rest


Built Better Enterprises can build the brush truck bed & your fire department can provide the rest.

Choices Choices Choices


From front and rear man holes, to crosswalks, to toolboxes & skid units, the choice is yours.

More stuff


The choice is still yours:  backboard boxes, dual red lines, shovel storage, lighted man holes, & ground lights.

Water Tanker


From dump valves to side sprayers, to corner lights, to PTO pumps &  toolboxes, the choice is yours.

Face Lift


Built Better Enterprises can update your current equipment with a variety of options.