HosWel Premier Flat Beds

HosWel Flat Beds Haul Any Cargo in Style!

Old trucks never die; they just get a new HosWel Bed!!!

Color Matched

Color matching is popular on HosWel Flat Beds.

Funtional Options

On any HosWel Bed, you can option up with rear tool boxes, B&W Gooseneck Ball, and on top of bed fitted tool boxes.

HosWel Premier Flat Beds

76S HosWel Flat Bed

76S HosWel Flat Beds are built to order for your Chevrolet, Ford, & Dodge short bed pickups.  Rear tool boxes are a popular option for this bed.

7S HosWel Specialty Flat Bed

For something shorter than a 76S HosWel Flat Bed, we can build a 7S HosWel Flat Bed for your Toyota  & Nissan Pickups.

86S HosWel Flat Bed

For your 8-foot pickup bed replacement, the 86S is the most popular flat bed choice.

96D HosWel Flat Bed

Standard bed colors are total black or total HosWel gray or HosWel gray body with black rails; the choice is yours.  The 96D is for your true cab & chassis one ton trucks.

86DXW HosWel Flat Bed

The 86DXW is for your one ton dually pickup bed replacement.  This bed is a very popular bed for your Hot Shot needs.

116D HosWel Truck Flat Bed

The 116D HosWel Flat Bed can be equipped with a fifth wheel or standard 30 K Gooseneck  ball for your towing needs.  The front tool boxes are 48 inches wide with two access doors.