HosWel Premier Hay Beds


Color Match

BBE-HosWel has a color match bed for you

BBE-HosWel makes them stout and stylish

Stout & Stylish

BBE-HosWel Beds are Stout & Stylish

Dodge, Chevy, Ford -- something for all

Close the deal

Dodge, Chevy or Ford -- something for all

HosWel Premier Hay Beds

76S HosWel Hay Bed


Model 76S  Built for your short bed pickup needs.

86S HosWel Hay Bed


Model 86S  Built for your standard 8-foot pickup bed replacement.  The standard color for the HosWel Hay Bed is HosWel Gray with black arms & rails.

810DXW HosWel Hay Bed


Model 810DWX  One COOL Tapered HosWel Bed for your dually pickup bed replacement.

96D HosWel Hay Bed


Model 96D  The hay bed made for your Ford and Chevrolet cab and chassis trucks.

910D HosWel Hay Bed


Model 910D  The HosWel Bed made for the new style Dodge one ton cab and chassis trucks.

116D HosWel Hay Bed


Model 116D  The HosWel Bed for that extra long truck.  Standard front tool boxes are 48 inches wide with two doors.